How to promote and activate local business listing

One of my client located in Pune, Maharashtra want to list his business on Google map, but his listing always decline by Google with marked some kind of quality issues, and my client always feels frustrated by this issues but never find out the exact problem. 

After his all the efforts he did not get success and in a meeting his one of friend who was earlier my client suggested my name for the local business listing. 

He called me and shared his all the efforts and want to know why his listing was not approved and what will i do by which his listing get approved, I told him please cool down and let mw check your location and address. 

I review his physical address and try to find out it on Google map but i could not find colony on Google map, I shared this issue with him then he told, he marked anywhere in Pune and placed his actual address to get letter and then he enter the pin number sent by Google.

Now I got the actual problem of his listing decline by Google, so I asked him any other location that is visible on Google and informed to Google to send letter on this address, we enter the pin and in a few days listing was approved.
In next steps we added good content to described his business and images , we called our some old clients to add their experience in terms of reviews, most of the clients were agree for this work, and in 30 days we did same kind of work and get our listing on Google map. 
We did and we will do as an Specialist in SEO Services Delhi, India.

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