ACACIOUS TECH is a leading and emerging digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR that helps you with design digital marketing services to achieve your goals, we are same passionate about the Digital Marketing for Startup, Small, Medium and Big size of companies, the current era is an online era means people try to reach everything that is online, so to make your product and services visible online we have an expert & dedicated team of Digital Marketing experts, with the help of team we give you best services including the goal of increasing conversions, website traffic, or both. We incorporate the latest digital marketing technology and best practices for media purchases to create, measure and optimize ongoing digital marketing campaigns.

Social Media Services in Delhi NCR for Small Medium Business

S. No Task Tentative Cost
1 1K Indian facebook page likes 750 INR
2 1K Indian instagram followers 700 INR
3 1K Instagram reel views+ likes 200 INR
4 1K linkdin followers 1900 INR
5 1K YouTube subscribers 3500 INR
6 1K YouTube views 330 INR
7 4000 YouTube watch hour 10000 INR
8 App downloads through google ads 9000 INR per 1k
9 App reviews 45 INR per review
10 B2B leads 4800 INR for 100 leads
11 Facebook lead generation 6000 INR minimum
12 Facebook page monetization 20000 INR
13 Facebook page reviews 50 INR per review
14 Google my business Reviews 65 INR per review
15 Lead generation through google ads 10000 INR
16 Local SEO 4000 INR per month

Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR

From showcase sites to the most complex e-commerce website, we design affordable websites optimization and promotional services that meet the constraints of search engine optimization. Detail-minded veteran marketers accomplish their mission by generating sales, calls, or other actions, as well as ensuring they meet the latest benchmarks in terms of performance, user experience, and Digital Marketing.

  • Winning formula – Whether it’s a search engine optimization or marketing campaign or a multi-channel digital marketing campaign, we help you to enhance your digital communication with the right audience by combining creativity and efficiency to.
  • We support your business

There is no chance. Measure and analyze each action in real-time to maximize your client’s return on investment, as a digital marketing agency we keep you updated about the progress, and that will help you a lot to understand the growth.


The following combinations of web marketing services can help your business grow tremendously.

Digital media
Our team specializes in planning and purchasing performance media, and the goal is the same, whether it’s creating direct sales or marketing your business. It’s about maximizing the return on your advertising investment.

  • Paid SEO (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SMO)
  • Social media advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Display and programmatic

Digital strategy

Behind every successful project is a well-calculated strategy. At ACACIOUS TECHNOLOGIES, analytical data and market understanding are central to our approach. Our strategists ensure that each campaign is in line with its goals and is continually optimized based on results and a changing customer environment.

  • Internet Audience Analysis
  • Consultation
  • Plan
  • Training

Lead Generation marketing

Lead Generation marketing is an important part of long-term growth. Our specialists know how to create personalized content that attracts, and transforms prospects. You can optimize your search presence based on the latest proven tactics and constant performance analysis.

  • Automation and email marketing
  • Social media
  • Content marketing

These cleverly crafted strategies not only helped to increase visibility, a key parameter in a highly competitive environment but above all, helped to increase the number of new customers.

By choosing our digital marketing services, you can expand your business into new areas, hire additional members, and make significant strides in the industry.

Are you ready to know what our digital marketing services can do for your business? Contact us online or by phone at 729-10-543-05.